Dawn is very knowledgeable about matching the best hearing device for the type of loss. Her professionalism, flexible scheduling, and punctuality, in addition to knowledge, is important to me. I ABSOLUTELY recommend Dawn to anyone with hearing concerns.
Dawn was so patient with my daughter and sent me in the right direction for care. Something we’ve been searching for, for a long time. Glad to have met Dawn and glad I took the time to have her care for my daughter. I really feel I can trust her and appreciate that she treated us with the utmost care and concern.
I can’t thank you enough. Your service is wonderful and I’m referring all of my friends to you!
We’re putting our money on you! You are the best! We love you Dr. Dawn!
Thank you Dr. Heiman. You know we have other places we could go, but we only go to you because you make the time and take the time my grandparents need.
My Grandmother, Mary Jayne had suffered a sudden hearing loss around the age of 70. She had tried two different kinds of hearing aids at other places that helped for a little, but they didn’t seem to fit comfortably in her ears and give her the best hearing capability. With a referral from a co-worker, we went to see Dr. Dawn Heiman. She was patient, kind, and caring with my Grandmother’s situation. She took the time to go over all options and explain the benefits of each type of hearing aid. We chose the Phonak hearing aids . They were custom fit to her ears and would provide the best hearing she could receive with technology & her age. Dr. Heiman was very welcoming and informative. We didn’t feel like ‘just another patient’. My Grandmother, as well as the rest of our family, greatly appreciate the help and care that Dr. Heiman was able to give my Grandmother.
My wife is sometimes hard to please. She came with me for my initial appointment, and afterwards, she said she would definitely send someone if asked. You take your time, while others sometimes seem to be in a rush to get people out the door. I would definitely recommend others.
Dr. Heiman is very pleasant to meet and capable of what she is handling. This experience was better than I ever expected.
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